When should you use an air purifier in your home?

You may need an air purifier if you are at high risk of complications from Covid-19.Transmission of respiratory droplets is possible through the air, which is why properly wearing face masks is so important and has been effective in reducing the spread of Covid-19.Yes, sleep with the air purifier on if you want the cleanest and freshest air possible. If you turn off the air cleaner, after a couple of hours the air will start to get dirty again. You spend a large part of your day sleeping, so keeping your air clean is a big benefit to your health. Research shows that filtering the air can help remove harmful particles from indoor spaces, in particular allergens, smoke and mold.

And air purifiers that consist of one or more filters along with a fan to circulate air through the unit. When you buy through retailer links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. If ventilating the room isn't an option, you can try using a high-efficiency particulate air purifier (HEPA). We tried to explain everything you needed to know about the benefits of air purifiers and provide you with information on the topic of whether air purifiers actually work or not.

This can block the air intake and reduce the rate at which the unit can absorb and clean the air in the room. As air moves through the filter, contaminants and particles are captured, and clean air is expelled into the living space. Cat hair often falls to the ground (unlike smaller air particles), so it's best to place the Levoit P350 on the ground. But if you keep asking yourself: “Do I need an air purifier? , see our page about air purifiers to learn more about this air cleaning technology.

Placing the air purifier three feet above the ground can help you capture air that flows both vertically and horizontally. Placing an air purifier in your bedroom can allow you to breathe clean air for hours, something you may not be able to experience during the day. Some filters are reusable and washable, but require meticulous maintenance, so they are not usually found in the most effective air purifiers. To collect dust, the air cleaner must have a HEPA filter and, to absorb the detergent odor, the air cleaner must have an activated carbon filter.

But even if you live with a healthcare worker or someone sick with COVID-19, before you rush out to buy an air purifier, our experts say that simply opening your home windows to let in fresh air will help dilute indoor pollutants, including virus particles. If you want to open a window in addition to operating your air purifier, consider the quality of the outside air. Sophisticated, new-technology air purifiers such as Molekule Air can be especially vulnerable to electronic interference. Everyone else suggested that the room have closed windows and doors so that the air purifier can be more effective and not purify the outside air.